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We are Teri and Brad Freitas and we are Independent Certified Health Coach’s, and we have dedicated ourselves to paying the gift of health forward to our community, family, and friends. We can help you to transform and create a new life in the areas of your Body, Mind and Finances.  


Using our optimal health program, we have been able to help all of our clients to finally take their health to a level that they have not been in many years.   It is well known that when people start a program to reach a desired goal, their overall chances of success is multiplied exponentially when they have the support and guidance of others. 


Thus, our program doesn’t only provide you with a scientifically back structed plan to success it provides you with your own personal Transformational Certified Health Coach, which is us.  We will walk alongside you to personally guide and support you every step of way on your new health journey.  


Our program not only will guide you to learning simple and easy habits of health that will lead you to incorporating lifelong transformation, but it will surround you with a community of many like-minded people who will all be there to encourage and inspire you. 


The NEW VERSION OF YOU is waiting for you on the other side of your decision to make a difference in your life and health. Are you ready?? If you are, we are super excited to partner with you on this fantastic journey.    



We coach three specific areas of health. Which of these are you looking to improve


Healthy Mind

Our program is for you if you are looking for a new Mindset about your health and wellbeing.  It is one of the key components of our program that will help you to transform your mindset, increase confidence, and help reduce stress so you can manage your time and focus on what matters most in your life.


Healthy Body

What is your ultimate goal?  Is it to finally achieve and maintain a healthy and optimal weight so that you can finally enjoy a meaningful lifestyle?  Then our program is for you as it not only guides our you on your goal to lose weight and gain energy, but it will help you to get better sleep, break old unhealthy habits, and help to remove or reduce dependency on medications.  Truly breaking you free. 


Healthy Finances


Do you want to leave financial constraints behind once and for all?  Then our program is for you.  It can help you achieve financial and time freedom which will help you to live the life you have dreamt about, invest, save for the future, live abundantly, travel and experiences a debt free life.     



"WOW" look at Gary,  40 pounds gone in 3 months.  Gary Started on his health journey to lose a few pounds, get healthy and to support his wife Jayme who began her own health journey at the same time, but Gary quickly found himself loving the program and the healthy benefits of eating right.  Once he began his journey he realized that the program was not only about loosing weight, it was actually a journey to change his mindset toward a healthy life. When Gary reached his optimal weight he not only transitioned to his his new  healthy lifestyle , but became a walking and talking testament  to the power of a Healthy lifestyle change.   



Ever heard of the saying "Consistency is the key to anything      you do"  Well Allie is the epitome of this quote.  

Shortly after becoming a new "Mommy"  Allie realized that  having a beautiful baby came with the unwanted side effect of weight gain.  So when Allie was introduced to the program she saw how easy it would be to lose the weight, but also that she finally found a way to take control  of her health once and for all.  

Allie began her health journey  and in six months she lost 35 pounds, changed her mindset, and lives a healthy lifestyle.  

Wait that's not all.  As Allie walked her journey she realized that she could not keep this gift to herself.  So she made the decision to become a Health Coach where she now is paying the gift forward by walking alongside other's on their health journey.  GO ALLIE!!!

Marcus Guillermo png.png


Five months ago Marcus realized that he needed to make changes to his health so that he could be an active part of raising his son.  It was then that he decided to take his life back and joined the program.  On that day Marcus stepped out of his comfort zone and began his journey to a new and healthy lifestyle.  Since then he has lost 75 pounds and he no longer feels sluggish, overweight, unhealthy, and can chase his son around the yard all day.  With a new confidence in himself he is now living his best life.   

Disclaimer:  Average weight loss on the Optimal 5&1 Plan is 12 pounds.  Clients are in weight loss , on average, for 12 weeks.  Clients results may vary.




“Together we have taken responsibility for our lives, as we have come to realize that life never happens to you, it happens thru you.  That it is thru us that we can help others to realize that they should never settle for less in their lives, and that they should always seek growth and improvement to become the greatest version of themselves”.


Here is how it all began….  



It was April 2018 when my coach told me about the program, I was a little reluctant at first, but then thought Why Not I have nothing to lose, Right?  So, I got on the program and in 4 days I felt more energetic, I wasn’t tired when I got up, I had lost few pounds, and best thing is my attitude towards life had changed. 


But my journey didn’t stop there as about a month on the program my coach asked me if I wanted to become a coach.  I was apprehensive at first but realized that someday I wanted to retire from my dental career of 26 years and I really felt that I wanted to pay the gift of health forward to others and help them feel the way I was feeling at the time.  


So, I became a coach and in 6 months I lost 45 pounds, and my health had completely turned around as I found a new life filled with the joy of living with family and friends, playing with my grandchildren at Disneyland, and staying up pass midnight without being tired the next day, and best of all I have been able to help many people start their own health journey.



April 2018 my wife started a health program.  I watched her for a few months as she walked her journey and I saw positive changes in her, not only physically, but mentally and emotionally. Even though I saw the positive side of our Health Program I still did not want anything to do with getting healthy, and actually told her NO when she asked me to join her.    


By August 2018 I retired from my career as a police officer and then saw the photos taken at my retirement luncheon which gave me a REALITY CHECK!!  of what 30 years of unhealthy life choices had done form me.  I was 65 lbs. overweight, had high blood pressure and cholesterol, and was prediabetic, and I wondered how long I was going to be around for my family if I continued my unhealthy ways.   


I made a decision and started my health journey and 4 months later I lost 65 pounds, got rid of all my prescription meds, my blood pressure, cholesterol, and sugar levels were normal. This program was so awesome that I wanted to now pay it forward to all that needed it, so I joined my wife and became a health coach.  


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