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          Teri and Brad Freitas

Aloha and Welcome to our website.


We are Teri and Brad Freitas and we are Certified Optavia Health Coach’s, and we have dedicated ourselves to paying the gift of health forward to our community, family, and friends. We are ecstatic that you have found our site and we invite you in to look around, learn, and connect with us.   


Now little about our health journey.  


In April 2018 Teri decided to better her health and became a client of Optavia. Taking that step, she joined millions of others who wanted to better their health, confidence and vitality.

Teri began her journey and lost 45 pounds and gained a entirely new healthy lifestyle.  something more.  Having such awesome success Teri knew she needed to share this program others and she made the decision to became a Certified Health Coach. That decision gave her the opportunity to reach out and share to everyone to include her own husband Brad who like Teri became a client and rocked the program so well he not only lost 65 pounds, but he also made the decision to pay the gift forward and became a health coach.   


Now together we share this awesome program with the world paying it forward by providing  support, guidance, and education.  As coaches we are our clients main point of support, but behind us is the Optavia Community who are comprised of thousands of like-minded people that are there to help, encourage, teach, and support each other.

Lastley we are not only health coaches, but we are Optavia Business partners.  As business partners we work collaboratively together to inspire our clients and others to take advantage of the Optavia business opportunity.  


It is this opportunity that will allow a New Health Coach to experience the satisfaction of paying the gift of health forward, but also experience growing a business that can provide a life long legacy of financial and time freedom. 

let us connect with you for a no obligation call or zoom where we can provide you with more details of our health program.  We are confident that you will be astonished with its success and simplicity.


Teri and Brad    




"WOW" look at Gary,  40 pounds gone in 3 months.  Gary Started on his health journey to lose a few pounds, get healthy and to support his wife Jayme who began her own health journey at the same time, but Gary quickly found himself loving the program and the healthy benefits of eating right.  Once he began his journey he realized that the program was not only about loosing weight, it was actually a journey to change his mindset toward a healthy life. When Gary reached his optimal weight he not only transitioned to his his new  healthy lifestyle , but became a walking and talking testament  to the power of a Healthy lifestyle change.   


Ever heard of the saying "Consistency is the key to anything      you do"  Well Allie is the epitome of this quote.  

Shortly after becoming a new "Mommy"  Allie realized that  having a beautiful baby came with the unwanted side effect of weight gain.  So when Allie was introduced to the program she saw how easy it would be to lose the weight, but also that she finally found a way to take control  of her health once and for all.  

Allie began her health journey  and in six months she lost 35 pounds, changed her mindset, and lives a healthy lifestyle.  

Wait that's not all.  As Allie walked her journey she realized that she could not keep this gift to herself.  So she made the decision to become a Health Coach where she now is paying the gift forward by walking alongside other's on their health journey.  GO ALLIE!!!


Five months ago Marcus realized that he needed to make changes to his health so that he could be an active part of raising his son.  It was then that he decided to take his life back and joined the program.  On that day Marcus stepped out of his comfort zone and began his journey to a new and healthy lifestyle.  Since then he has lost 75 pounds and he no longer feels sluggish, overweight, unhealthy, and can chase his son around the yard all day.  With a new confidence in himself he is now living his best life.   

Disclaimer:  Average weight loss on the Optimal 5&1 Plan is 12 pounds.  Clients are in weight loss , on average, for 12 weeks.  Clients results may vary.


Teri and Brad Freitas

Certified Health Coaches

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